Practical IT Innovation

ASMGi is a managed IT services, security operations and GRC solutions and software development provider. Search our ONEteam Solutions to see how we can help with your next technology implementation.

Why ASMGi?

At ASMGi everything we do is defined by your needs and your business.

We provide the benefits of modern technology and security solutions, without the burden of ongoing operations and management so you can focus on delivering value to your customers.

A letter from our President.

“ASMGi customers come in all shapes and sizes, across all industries, and rank among the best and most reputable companies in the world. Our customers have responded positively to our culture of excellence and turn‐key, Total Solutions approach. We regularly get feedback from our customers such as ‘You protect us from ourselves, ‘ ‘I sleep better at night knowing you are managing our environment’ and other testaments to our Integrity, Commitment and Expertise.

You will feel the difference when you work with ASMGi and our ONEteam customer‐centric solutions!”

—  Steven H. Roesing President, CEO

ASMGi offers a full spectrum of cyber solutions for organizations that provides a focus on cost savings and solving business issues related to IT management and cyber security.

ASMGi will help you plan, manage, and execute your cyber initiatives. Whether you need help designing / architecting, implementing, or in operations, our approach will help you get the benefits without the burden!

MSOC / MDR plus Service

ASMGi’s MDR/MSOC plus utilizes advanced analytics, automation, risk-based vulnerability management and our team of highly experienced security experts to provide an end-to-end threat management and response strategy. Learn more >


ASMGi helps you build security into your development operations. To maintain velocity without compromising security, you need to integrate security at every stage of software development. That’s DevSecOps. Learn more >

Managed IT Services – Holistic Risk Management

ASMGi’s Managed IT service helps prevent, rather than react to, issues long before they happen. This includes all of the details of your IT operations 24/7 with an emphasis on cybersecurity. Learn more >

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