Flawless collaboration.

ASMGi ONEteam is a collaborative approach to IT, Security and Software services that shortens your time-to-value and enables your team to focus their energies on the things they do best.

Trust our ONEteam strategic technology operations to revolutionize your day-to-day operations.

You have a business that needs to not only keep up with, but get in front of customer demands, data privacy, security and an ever-changing technology landscape. Your IT, Security and Software teams work tirelessly to learn and adopt modern technologies, deliver proactive services, and at the same time, keep the day-to-day operations humming along smoothly.

If you find that your IT, Security or Software teams do not have the capacity or expertise to do all of these, ONEteam will fill the gaps for you. ASMGi helps ensure your organization is implementing the best of today’s technology to fully leverage its benefits, without having to manage ongoing operations.

Our collaborative approach.

As a managed services provider we focus on optimizing the core areas of IT, while blending in modern technology and processes where it makes sense . We orchestrate these together in what we call ONEteam to provide a comprehensive view of technology in your enterprise. ONEteam is tailored to your specific business needs, with an operating model designed to work the way you work.


ASMGi optimizes IT processes to create a best-fit IT infrastructure and operating model. You do whichever part you do best, we do the rest. Learn more >


ASMGi provides software development and lifecycle expertise including legacy software integration, cloud software integration, custom SW development and partner SW services that reach across your business environment. Learn more >


ASMGi extends your security operations to bridge people, processes and technology with an operating model that enables you to scale without adding headcount. Learn more >

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