To maintain velocity without compromising security, you need to integrate security at every stage. That’s DevSecOps.

Release Secure, Quality Code Faster – ASMGi helps you build security into DevOps

DevOps culture and practices help your organization rapidly build, reliably operate, and continuously improve your software solutions. However, DevOps does not address the increased demand for application security testing to keep pace with your development velocity. 

DevOps isn’t just about tools. It’s about people, processes, and technologies coming together to deliver better software efficiently.  DevSecOps is being driven by the priorities of software quality and security, compliance requirements and avoiding risk.


ASMGi Experts help you chart a successful course to DevSecOps

  •  Secure Development Programs & Training
  • CI/CD Strategy & Planning
  • DevSecOps Maturity Assessments


Integrate and automate application security into your Software Development pipeline

  • Static Application Security Testing (SAST)
  • Software Composition Analysis (SCA)


Optimize your resource use with on-demand security testing such as.

  • Managed DAST
  • Managed Pen Testing
  • Managed SAST
  • Managed SCA

ASMGi DevSecOps Datasheet (PDF)