Manufacturing Solutions

Managed and Security Services for Manufacturing

We work with manufacturing companies large and small to keep the technology that runs their day to day operations running efficiently and securely.

ONEteam brings IT solutions to manufacturers.

As manufacturers must comply with their customers’ governance, risk and security standards, ASMGi helps the full spectrum of IT with a focus on IT security and solving the business problem, proving the best solution for your business needs.

Our Approach

ASMGi is a trusted partner with some of the leading manufacturing companies. We ensure that your third parties are handling data according to your security regulatory guidelines and industry standards with our cyber audits and reviews.

Orchestrated IT

Our manufacturing customers typically leverage the three areas of our IT expertise in IT/Cloud services, Security services and Application Development and Lifecycle Management.


ASMGi’s ONEteam full business view ensures when we manage part or all of your IT stack, we do it with your security standards in mind.

Managed Cloud Technologies

When we integrate a Cloud solution, we understand up front what support will need to be planned.


We focus on your data, and we help you protect it.


Compliance to your security framework is ingrained in all we do. We’ll focus on solving your business challenges.

ONEteam Experience

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ASMGi DevSecOps for Manufacturing

DevSecOps is critical as the manufacturing continues to move into the digital world, where data breaches and security vulnerabilities remain imminent threats. More than ever is at stake since the exploitation of these security vulnerabilities could compromise patient information and even cripple whole health systems and networks.

Greater Security and Compliance

DevSecOps engineers keep system security at the front of the mind throughout the development process. So, at every stage of the software or product development, security concerns are addressed and tested before moving onto the next step. As healthcare institutions look to adopt new technology to manage electronic health records and other clinical and auxiliary services, they are more likely to trust platforms developed with security and rigorous compliance in mind.

Faster and Better Product Deployment

The DevSecOps approach reduces time spent on responding to threats. Also, the product’s development is structured in a way that lets teams remedy issues at that level. Then, it advances to the next. Plus, this certainly gives them an edge over their competitors. 

Being Proactive About Security

With the DevSecOps proactive approach to security, developers and IT personnel alike won’t be put in the tough spot of reacting to security issues. The proactive approach delivers greater control over one’s healthcare system; the DevSecOps workflow catches vulnerabilities before these can turn into significant disruptions.

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