Managed IT Services – Holistic Risk Management

The IT Department is one of your most valuable assets, but it also requires time, money, and manpower to manage. Gain the freedom with Managed IT Services to focus on what you do best – running your business.

Managed IT Services

ASMGi ONEteam for managed risk and reduced costs.

Technology changes fast. Your customers expect things even faster. You have technology in place that requires your attention, and innovative solutions being presented to you that promise “better, stronger, faster.” How do you move your services to the Cloud? Do you modernize or migrate your current data center? How do you know which technologies work well together? How does modern technology impact your need for security operations? Do you need a modern MDR/MSOC approach? Is securing your development operations a priority? Staying current with the latest options to best answer these questions can be daunting for companies that are looking to drive business outcomes based on technology.

ASMGi provides you the expertise and resources to manage risk across your business with cyber security services, DevSecOps and managed IT.  The best solutions in the world do you no good if they aren’t adopted. ASMGi will introduce you to modern technology in a way that drives adoption and shortens your time to value. We will help you build a road map for a phased approach that is aligned to your organization’s business requirements. 

IT-as-a-Service for Holistic Risk Management


Our ONEteam MDR/MSOC plus Service utilizes advanced analytics, automation, risk-based vulnerability management and our team of highly experienced security experts to provide an end-to-end threat management and response strategy.


To maintain velocity without compromising security, you need to integrate security at every stage of software development. That’s DevSecOps.

ASMGi helps you build security into you development operations.


Managed IT service helps prevent, rather than react to, issues long before they happen. Instead of minor issues building up to a business-disrupting problem, proactive support ensures you won’t lose time, money, and sanity to IT nightmares.

Instead of relying on employees without the needed expertise, you can engage ASMGi’s ONEteam of technology experts to manage your IT services. We provide exactly the expertise you need when you need it. ASMGi brings IT services to the next level by supplying you the benefits of modern technology without the burden of implementation, operations, and security.


Managed IT Resources

Future-Ready Datacenter, Future-Ready Managed Services
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