ASMGi Masthead Brewing Co Cybersecurity

 Come to Masthead Brewing Co in Cleveland for the Best in… Cybersecurity!

Join us at Masthead Brewing Co, July 14 at 4:00PM for the latest in our ongoing cybersecurity events.

MastHead Brewing Co in Cleveland Bar
MastHead Brewing Co in Cleveland Bar

Good food, craft beers, refreshing drinks and a great chance to learn and talk “Cyber”.

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Masthead Brewing Co | 1261 Superior Ave. | Cleveland OH 44114

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There are many approaches to cybersecurity. ASMGi, along with our partner Arctic Wolf focuses on managed security operations, remediation and response to provides a fast and affordable approach

Arctic Wolf, the leader in security operations, combines their platform with ASMGi’s MDR (Managed Detect and Response plus Vulnerability Management and Remediation and Cyber Incident Response / Forensics) to bring you all the benefits of a 24×7 Security Operations Center and cyber team that can be up and running in days instead of months.