Case Study | Healthcare

Security and Compliance

Migrating to Office 365 when security and compliance is an absolute requirement.

The Situation

A Northern Ohio government-run healthcare facility with more than 500 office members ran their email on in-house servers. An internal audit revealed their current setup did not meet the multiple compliance requirements they faced.In addition, the current infrastructure could no longer handle the load.

They needed to invest in new servers or move to a Cloud solution, like Office 365.Due to the complex nature of their organization and their requirements as a government health care facility, a migration with their in-house staff would be risky.

They didn’t have the skillsets on staff, nor the capacity to tackle the scoping and requirements of all the Office 365 features and functionality.

► The client’s e-mail, previously not compliant with regulations, will now pass an audit

► The client’s internal staff was able to focus on other projects critical to business

► The migration was completed without any unplanned downtime

The Solution

ASMGi was selected as a consultant to advise which plans to buy. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, ASMGi is among the top 1% of Microsoft partners in the Cloud space.

ASMGi designed, specified and sold the licenses directly. ASMGi techs have undergone extensive training and the company had to demonstrate past positive experiences with clients to achieve Gold Partner status.

In addition, ASMGi is a leader in information security, and a security-minded approach is part of every job we do. ASMGi provided the proper guidance and knowledge for the client to choose the Office 365 solution that best met their needs and requirements.

Client engaged ASMGi for consulting to help them determine the best path forward.

ASMGi delivered by making business continuity the focus.

The ASMGi Advantage

After ASMGi advised the client and specified the best Office 365 solution, the client expanded its contract asking ASMGi to perform the migration to Microsoft Office 365 as well.

ASMGi’s managed services are called ONEteam. This is a reflection of our approach to client projects. While we may step in as an outside third party, our job is to work as ONE with clients’ existing IT, security and operations staff. Our KPI is the client project outcome.