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The Gold Rush of the 21st Century has some serious risks

Welcome to the Gold Rush of the 21st century. A time when everyone wants to get their hands on cryptocurrency. Some will even risk it all to be cryptocurrency “miners” - hoping to strike it rich. Although mining is a multi-billion dollar industry, it isn’t...

How one DR disaster can lead to other disasters

Hurricane Harvey devastated much of Harris County Texas, last year. During the aftermath of the hurricane, repairing the city was top priority.While the County was worried about disaster recovery another disaster had occurred. “Harris County auditor's...

ASMGi Becomes a Microsoft Authorized Education Partner

ASMGi earns distinction through a commitment to academic customers. ASMGi has achieved Microsoft Authorized Education Partner (AEP) status, demonstrating our ability to meet Microsoft academic customers’ evolving needs in today’s dynamic business...

7 Malware Reports In 3 Days

Hackers are creating new forms of malware on a daily basis. In fact, 250,000 new malicious programs are registered by AV-Test every day. Large and small companies alike are at risk. Think of it this way. There is an army of mass-produced cyber weapons and...

Corporate Cryptocurrency hush fund established

A rash of ransomware attacks demanding cryptocurrency bribe payoffs in order to regain access has some companies stockpiling the virtual currencies, hedging future ransom payments by investing in currency as its rising. The WannaCry ransomware attacks in...

Staying Secure in Sea of IoT

When it comes to IoT, at what point do we stop and think about our privacy and security of our homes and workplaces?

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