Application Lifecycle Management

Breathe new life into your code base.

We can help modernize existing applications to fit with new systems and processes.

Application Lifecycle Management

Sometimes organizations outgrow their systems. If you are working with legacy code which can no longer be maintained, our team can work with you to modernize your application to fit with your new systems and processes.

ONEteam Application Lifecycle Expertise

We have experience working with Informics, VB6.0, and COBOL. We’ll work with you to rewrite in a framework that is appropriate to your needs (.net, HTML5, etc.).

ONEteam SLDC Process

Our process incorporates your business needs and objectives. We’ll help you build use cases, re-engineer use cases, and use those uses cases as a foundation for new software.

How can we help you with your next technology implementation?

Our ONEteam approach brings your organization the benefits of an integrated technology team of experts without the burdens. Find out what we can do for you.


Managed SDLC >

SDLC projects require a team of developers, QA personnel, technical leads, and client stakeholders. Sometimes there are multiple teams of third party developers. ASMGi helps to ensure that the big picture goals remain intact during all phases of the project.

Application Lifecycle Management >

ASMGi offers packaged and customized services for evaluating different enterprise business applications. The services involve auditing the target application against a series of benchmarks and criteria, and providing a detailed report of audit findings along with a series of recommendations for addressing issues identified.

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