5 Situations You Wouldn’t Be In If You Had a CASB

Apr 18, 2018 | Cloud | 0 comments

Most companies have made the move to the Cloud. Whether they know it or not is the question and if we’re being honest, having visibility into your Cloud ecosystem isn’t all that hard. A CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) solution can give you full visibility into your ecosystem, access controls and even prohibit unsanctioned platforms.

No CASB? Any of these situations sound possible in your organization?

1. Your sales guy just won a big sale with the largest client your firm has ever worked with, but the confidentiality of this client is extremely important. The sales guy downloaded a free file sharing app a while back because he read on Wikipedia it was a secure storage solution – so he imports the NDA and proposal so he can make a few tweaks at home. What he didn’t know, was he imported and shared those documents to your other clients. Yikes!

A CASB solution would have enabled your IT team to discover the use of a rogue platform and assess if it met your security requirements.

2. Your finance team just moved to a Cloud ERP platform but the controls weren’t set up properly allowing almost anyone and their brother to access all of your company’s financial information.

A CASB solution allows companies to assess the risk of any Cloud service by providing a risk score calculated using 50+ attributes and 100+ sub-attributes.

3. A marketing guy just downloaded a document and needs to turn it into an editable PDF. So he uploads the file to a Cloud PDF converter service and of course accepts all the term. Come to find out, this Cloud service claims ownership of all of the data uploaded… whoops!

With a CASB admins create at least 3 categories: 1) IT-sanctioned services, 2) permitted services, and 3) prohibited services, based on specific criteria.

4. Your development team is working on custom software within GitHub for your company and each team member has access to EVERYTHING, even the folks who just got hired on as contractors. You wouldn’t want those contractors to have access to your secret sauce only to take it to the next client they work for.

CASB can help define a policy where the development team is blocked from accessing selected repositories in GitHub, but has access to others.

5. An employee just got fired for violating your attendance policy and she is taking it personally. She knows how your company works and it will take days for her access to your Cloud systems to be revoked. So she goes home and downloads all of the documents she has access to from Box. Watch out because you might find those documents on the black market somewhere.

With a CASB, a company can define policies to find all files in Box that are shared with non-approved domains such as personal email IDs and revoke sharing permissions. Policies can also be applied to revoke all untraceable shared links that can be forwarded to anyone.

Implementing a CASB product goes beyond the technology. ASMGi works with clients to help choose the appropriate service that works practically in their environment. An effective Cloud program doesn’t just stop at choosing the right product or partner. The Cloud and your CASB platform should work the way you expect it to and implementation is the key first step.

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