Healthcare companies hope to share more records, worried about HIPAA

May 2, 2016 | Healthcare, Security-GRC | 0 comments

Increasing sharing and collaboration of electronic health data is a priority for healthcare companies in 2016, but concerns about security and HIPAA compliance exist at two-thirds of companies surveyed, according to a recent Harris Poll.

“Most executives anticipate a continued—and increasing—reliance on technology that should improve quality and reduce costs. But with higher stakes, the challenge will be how to seamlessly incorporate technology industry-wide without compromising security.”

The February 2016 poll, sponsored by CIT, showed a strong desire to integrate technology. About 88% of respondents believe technology is helping them provide better health and patient care. And 65% believe technology is fueling growth.

Half of healthcare companies think they already collaborate effectively, and 70% of the remainder are planning investments to collaborate securely and in compliance.

The first step to collaborating digitally is to make sure you have the right controls, policies and procedures in place to ensure you don’t expose patient health information and other sensitive data to risks, or violate HIPAA compliance standards. If you don’t have policies in place, or if you’re not sure the policies are appropriately robust, ASMGi can help from an affordable, guided, DIY approach we call QuickStart or more fully managed help through our Security-GRC team.

We also offer point solutions such as Box, a leading sharing, storage and collaboration platform. Box allows companies to safely and securely share data through encrypted files while meeting HIPAA regulations, including mobile and tablet access.


Stop by our booth at the 2016 Ohio HealthCare Association Long Term Care and Convention Expo in Columbus, Ohio on May 2-3 to learn more about the benefit and importance of technology for your company.

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