How much does Free cost?

Mar 28, 2016 | Cloud | 0 comments

How much of your data, the really important data, is in places you don’t know about?

Fighting against free cloud services in an organization is really tough.

Most employees are not aware of information security issues. It’s not even on their radar.

And even for those folks who do at least know the concept of information security, signing up for a popular cloud service to share a large file that can’t be e-mailed likely does not register as a potential security threat. If everyone has heard of the service, it can’t be an information security threat, right?

A big threat?

Information-Management has named poorly secured cloud service deployments as one of the Top 12 Treacherous Cloud Computing Threats.

They contend:“Poorly secured cloud service deployments, free cloud service trials and fraudulent account sign-ups via payment instrument fraud expose cloud computing models such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS to malicious attacks.”

We have seen more and more clients and colleagues focusing on cloud security. We recently became Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Service Providers, and we have long been partners with leaders in the field.

Free is not a bargain if sensitive data is at risk.

Two critical needs for success

We have helped many large enterprises with their Cloud.

We have seen two keys to success:

  1. Approaching the Cloud as a true ecosystem.
  2. Treating implementation as serious as the selection of service partners.

Building a secure Cloud is bigger than simply choosing the right Cloud storage partner. With free or cheap Cloud options available, organizations may need a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) or have a deeper view into unstructured data like Heureka provides.

On top of that, a great cloud storage solution isn’t worth the investment if people aren’t using it. One of the values of working with an implementer like ASMGi is increased adoption rates.

How many free Cloud services are being used by your organization today?


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