A letter from our president

The ASMGi way.

Why our differences make ASMGi stand out from the crowd.

ASMGi was founded in 2002 with core values of:  Integrity – always do the right thing; Commitment – Be “All In” and always deliver results; and Expertise – always bring the right experts for the job.

We started as a service-oriented provider of Managed IT.  Our front and back office processes and systems were architected with services in mind.  We labeled our model Foundation and Framework to represent our proven foundation for service delivery with the flexibility to adapt the framework to both best-practice, and the specific way in which you operate.  This has enabled us to deliver services in the manner best suited to YOU, which increases adoption and dramatically shortens your time-to-value.

Since our beginnings in IT services, we have expanded the breadth of our offerings to include the full technology stack, from both a strategic and operational perspective.  In 2009, we restructured to add Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and IT Security to the mix.  In 2010, we added Software Development Lifecycle Services, and in 2013 we began to build a portfolio of strategic technology and partners.

This full technology stack approach has evolved to what we now call ONEteam, a blended array of expertise that delivers everything you need to address your technology initiatives.  ONEteam takes Foundation and Framework to the next level.  We blend our cross-functional expertise with strategic technology and partners to fully operationalize your solution and deliver the benefits of modern IT, Security and Software without the burden of ongoing operations, management and maintenance.   ONEteam enables you to increase both your velocity and your value, by fully leveraging all that modern technology has to offer, without the need to develop expertise in-house or expand your headcount. We call this “Benefits without the Burden”.

ASMGi customers come in all shapes and sizes, across all verticals, and rank among the best and most reputable companies in the world.  Our customers have responded positively to our culture of excellence and turn-key approach.  We regularly get feedback from our customers such as “You protect us from ourselves”, “I sleep better at night knowing you are managing our environment” and other testaments to our Integrity, Commitment and Expertise.  Often, we refer to our model as “Customer for Life”, as it reminds us that in order to have a customer forever, we must do more than just treat them well.  We must also deliver impactful results, continuously find innovative ways to create value, and always be accountable for what we do.

These core values and philosophies are the fabric for all that we do.  Customers, Employees, and Partners, interconnected and fully vested in achieving results, ensures a true Win-Win-Win.  You will feel the difference when you work with ASMGi and our ONEteam customer-centric solutions!

Committed to your results,

Steven H. Roesing
President, CEO

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We tackle the IT challenges we’re given with a focus on solving the business problem. We ensure the solutions, innovations and knowledge we provide are transferred to our clients. We have long-lasting relationships with our customers because of the value our solutions deliver and the expertise of our ONEteam.